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First Longhunter by John Elden

First Longhunter
by John Elden


First Longhunter by John Elden
A Novel
Our Price $8.75
The Story of Conrad Decker in the Early Kentucky
Frontier…. If you Love Authors Like Louis Lamour you will
Enjoy this tales. Action, Adventure, A Western
Great Western Reading for the year.







Pig Roast: Insider Secrets

Our Price: $8.95

This is a CD with PDF plans to build a Pig Roaster.
I have cooked Pigs for Years and this guide will get you going
Step by Step
It’s all Here: Do it once with this set and you could start a business

It has all the Insider Secrets of cooking Pigs





on a day trip



Our Price: $8.95
Guide Stories – Audio CD

John Gibbons gives you Adirondack Stories about his Guide life.
this Audio CD is on MP3 the entire family will love this on
a long ride.



Adk Cover
Our Price: $9.95

An Adirondack Guides Cookbook / Signed

This book has tips and trips for the outdoors and camping. This is a great book for the camp or home use.
It is a “greats” book for large or small groups.
Destined to become a classic. In print this book is 192 pages. Lots of great recipes and photos.
This is a book about the traditional camp cooking with a Stove and Oven. This is not a trail food guide book.
We eat well at camp. The Stories alone are worth the price of the book.


Karate Ins


Our Price: $14.95
Insider Secrets: Karate / MA Instructor

Secret Karate Instructor Guide – while training at home in your spare time.
Our Price: $14.95
Insider Secrets: Karate / MA Instructor
Workbook and CD. (1 workbook and 4 CDs)

4 audio Set CDs

4 audio Set CDs

Have you always wanted to be a Karate Instructor?
Do you have MA experience? But don’t know what it would take to start your
own Training program!! 30 year Veterans of the martial arts – Many styles and weapons covered and
Brazilian Jujitsu
Comes with a Business and Marketing plan
Were to get Help and Certifications (Top Certifications Not Junk Certification.)
You can work as little or as much as you like.
This Guide Takes the Guess Work out of becoming an instructor.
Workbook and 4 Audio Cods

If you want a guide to study at home for the budding Martial Artist or if you want to start a business
This guide is for you.




Hunting Camp


Our Price: $22.95
Portable Hunting Camp Plans
Plans to Build a portable Hunting Camp. Transportable Inexpensive Great Project

16′ X 16′ Cabin , 256 sq. feet, Solid walls, Can be scaled down to 8×8′, 64 sq. feet for one person.

You get the CAD plans on PDF, Plus step by step guide:

The Cabin,
The Outhouse plans,
Shower plans,
Kitchen set up plans,
Camp Cooking Guide and
The Ration Theory: Cooking Supply Audio Set (10 Tracks on MP3)

All at one low price on (3) Three DVDS / CDs Bioworms


Our Price: $22.95
EZ Worm Kit –

Bio Friendly Fishing Lures
Make your own Bio Friendly Fishing Lures
Use the Secret bio friendly fishing formula
that will have you catching fish in no time.
This kit allows you to make your own bio friendly artificial fishing worms,
by using simple ingredients found in your kitchen.
They break down quickly: plastic lures can take 100 years to disappear, if lost in the water.
Never pay high prices or run out of bait again.
Hours of Family fun.
Pass on Earth Friendly Skills to a new generation.
We call EZWorm “fish candy”
If you can warm up a can of chowder you can make EZWorm.
What you get:
1.The EzWorm Lure fishing mold that allowed you to form
as many worms as you like and on demand for many years to come.
Good quality mold!!!
2.The quick start instruction guide.
Get started right out of the box!!!
3.The Ezworm bio friendly fishing Lure cookbook and secretes to catching fish guide.
This booklet is awesome.!!!
Ice fishing or Summer Fun…….

New Mold on the Way —– Minnows and More



6 Part DVD Set John Gibbons

6 Part DVD Set
John Gibbons

Our Price: $22.95
Basic Camping (6 DVD Set)

This is a Train the Trainer Set…. For those who have little or no experience this set
is a great primer… for those who teach others this is the Media You can use to?
Teach a class or Prep for a Training Program. Lots of Exercises you can use during your Class
Workshop or Training session. 6 DVD Set.
1. Gear
2. Skills
3. The Kitchen – With Ration Theory (Don’t Miss This)
4. Navigation
5. Programs and Business
6. Camping Q and A Safety
If you wanted to go to the week-long or weekend training program… Much of the info is in this set.






$100.00 Deposit for class… This class is $775.00

7 Day program

Food and Equipment provided…. We will be camping.

Showers and Out house facilities available.

Camping Skills: Gear selection, Kitchen, Navigation, Wood Skills – like knot tying, use a knife Ax and saw safely.
Shelter: Both as a camper and created in the field. Bushcraft style.
Water: collecting water using a solar still, sink hole, plants, and other methods; purifying, transporting and storing water.
Fire: making fire from friction using primitive methods, including the bow drill and hand drill, as well as how to build a fire.
Can you get a fire started with wet wood? You Will!!!
Food: finding food from plants and animals found in North America, ranging from desert to mountain terrain. Harvesting, preparation,
and cooking of food Both modern and primitive. You will cook your own meals as part of the class. Wild foods limited to time of year and amount.
We will not deplete the area … Ration theory. How to pack for trips with basic foods from the store.
Trapping: trapping animals using primitive snares and deadfalls. No animals will be trapped during the course, but participants will understand how to do this,
if you need to in an emergency.
Tools: making stone tools, cordage and bow drills, as well as techniques for creating digging sticks, cooking utensils and bowls from a variety of natural materials.
Tanning: primitive methods of brain tanning and making rawhide, as well as many useful items that can be made with the hide.
No animals will be harmed or used in this process or demos.
Nomadic Sustainable Lifestyle: The Tiny house movement as well as living free and clear.
Tracking and Observation: Participants will learn the basics of tracking, including track identification, scat identification, and how to follow a trail, Bow hunting and Building
Program Development / Make money in the out of Doors: Learn to make a living what works.
Learn to pan for Gold as just one example.







Magnetic Personal Development

by John Elden

Our price $12.95 signed

Anthropological writer. John Elden brings you Magnetic Personal Development John Elden – Adventurer, Author, Videographer and Development. Years of working with youth groups, Offenders, and his own personal struggles, training and education have resulted in this work dedicated to helping other. If you struggle with Finding work, need to repair or re-start your life, this book will help you achieve those first steps. The process is complex and john breaks it down into workshops with exercises and activities to help you every step of the way. He also tells you what you need to know to get moving in the right direction.





Canoe Camp Cooking

By John Gibbons


Updated and New

This is an expanded spiral bound book.

Camp cooking. If you love to canoe and would like some great food
and wilderness tips, this book is for you… Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert recipes will give you a great treat in the out of doors.
Any camping trip will benefit from these recipes. Or cook at home.
This book is for family cooking not the single back packer / Canoe person…







Our price $ 10.95

This Volume is a Pre-Organized Nature Journal. You will never forget to put the information you need. It has room for notes, drawings and Photos. Press flowers or just write a great poem. You may be the next Thoreau!!! John Gibbons uses this Journal with his Nature Study Program. The Program is Viewed at OutdoorGuideTraining Com. Take this guide with you on your next hike, Canoe, Fishing Trip or just wandering through the woods. 200 pages for you to record miles of trips.