Veter: Cold Weather Training System




Veter: Cold Weather Training System

What if You Got Stranded in The Winter? With little or no Gear.
Could you take care of your Family? Order Today….

Learn what only the Very Best In the World Know,
Because your Family Needs you !!!

Are you a: Camper, Hunter, Ice Fisher, Skier,
Snowshoer, Hiker, Pilot?

Or do you “Just Travel in the Winter with your Car?”


VETER: Cold Weather Training System – On 2 DVDs

These are Skills Anyone can Learn. With the, Veter: Cold Weather Training System Set

Can you survive Cold with little or No Snow?
Can you survive Cold with Snow or Deep Snow?
Can you Build 3 Shelters that Have Heat
Can you build a Ski-Shoe in the Field?
Can you Get Winter Water virtually anytime you need it
without Burning a Fire or Eating Snow?

This 2 DVD set has 108 Skills for Winter Camping and Survival.
Veter – is the Norse word for Winter.
Veter – is a System you can use in a cold weather scenario.

Winter Survival: Outdoor Series: 2 disc set






30 Day Money Back product Guarantee. Just send it back if you are not happy.

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