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This is the Author page of

John Elden Gibbons

John will be offering many new books and programs over the next few months.

Look for him on his up coming YouTube channel and dont for get to drop us a line.

What would you like to learn?  What do you need to learn?


The up coming programs on DVD / Book / Audio / Ect. will be out Soon:



The Nature Set

Working with groups to Teach Nature Craft and How to See the Natural World.



The long Awaited,  Bush Craft DVD set. How to make due with little in the Wilderness

Shelter, Fire, Wood Crafting and Much more. Start with nothing and Build you Camp, or just make do

for a Day or Two.


More of Grand Fathers books will be in reprint. I will also be annotating and including Insights to these new Volumes.

Reprints of Euell Gibbons Books.



The 6 part Audio Set Q and A of an Outdoor Person. This set will answer a lot of the questions that I get about Guiding and making a dollar or two form the outdoors. Also, How to go the next step. This combined with “Stalking The Good Life” Newsletter (Free) will put you on your way to a great life style.


AVAILABLE ON AMAZON or Order Direct from Outdoor Guide Training



First Long Hunter

Coming in Aug 2016

The Story of Conrad Decker in the Early Kentucky
Frontier…. If you Love Authors Like  Louis l’amour you will

Enjoy this tales. Action, Adventure, A Western

Great Western Reading for the year.

Pre-Order NOW!!


6 Part DVD Set John Gibbons

6 Part DVD Set
John Gibbons

cover bp


6 Part DVD set Train the Trainer. Outdoor Skills Basics



This is a Train The Trainer Set…. For those who have little or no experience this set

is a great primer… for those who teach others this is the Media You can use to

Teach a class or Prep for a Training Program. Lots of Exerciser you can use during you Class

Workshop or Training session.    6 DVD Set.

  1. Gear
  2. Skills
  3. The Kitchen – With Ration Theory (Don’t Miss This)
  4. Navigation
  5. Programs and Business
  6. Camping Q and A Safety


Price  $23.95

Adk Cover

An Adirondack Classic by John Gibbons

This book is much more…Not Just cooking.

Stories and Tips and Tricks along thee way.

Paper Back $14.95



Canoe Camp Cooking

Soon to be Re-published…..



Euell Gibbons Book Beachcombers Handbook

Euell Gibbons Book Beachcombers Handbook

Beachcomers Handbook 

by Euell Gibbons

Euell Gibbons book about his life in Hawaii and living as a beachcomber.

It teaches you how to live on the beaches and oceans.

On Kindle



Karate Ins


4 audio Set CDs

4 audio Set CDs

Secret Karate Instructor Guide –

while training at home in your spare time.

Workbook and CD. ( 1 workbook and 4 CDs )

Have you always wanted to be a Karate Instructor.

Do you have MA experience? But don’t know what it would take to start your

own Training program!! 30 year Veterans of the martial arts – Many styles and weapons covered and

Brazilian Jujitsu

Comes with a Business and Marketing plan

Were to get Help and Certifications (Top Certifications not Junk Certification.)

You can work as little or as much as you like.

This Guide Takes the Guess Work out of becoming an instructor.

$29.95 for the Set Workbook and 4 Audio Cds