Training On DVD, SET

The Basic Camping Training Program on DVD
This is A Train, The Trainer Program Set.
How to pass the skills on to others and a crash Review to keep you in top
Skill preparation… You Will WOW you Clients, Group or Friends
This is a (6)   Six Set DVD
6 DVDs for Only get this $22.95 plus SH

6 Part DVD Set
John Gibbons

You get 6 DVDS
Kitchen Craft
Skill Craft – From Knot Tying to Building a Shelter
Navigation Craft
SPP Craft (Scouting, Programming and Planning)
Q and A  – Safety Craft – Wild Animals, Accidents and Evacuation Plans, Plus a Ton more
This Set will take you form little knowledge to Tip Top. It is also a Train the trainer set.
Compare your program. This set gives you training exercises. It can be used as a supplement and Audio Video for
your own program.
this set comes at a great price you can order it directly from Outdoor Guide Training.
If you are planning to take a test or license this is a great primer for that test. It covers all of the skills
you will need.
Think of this as the Guide Training Program in a Box. This is the way many people learn. If you are using it as a media aid
You just stop it and add your own programming. What could be simpler?
The outdoors should be open to all.
What stops us is skill and a plan to get out and about.
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