EZ Worm



This is A Great Product.

BIo-Plastic is the future of artificial lures…!!!

Make your own Bio-Friendly Fishing Lures

Use the Secret bio friendly fishing formula
that will have you catching fish in no time.

This kit allows you to make your own bio friendly artificial fishing worms,
by using simple ingredients found in your kitchen.

They break down quickly: did you know, plastic lures can take 100 years to disappear, if lost in the water.

Never pay high prices or run out of bait again.

Hours of Family fun.

Pass on Earth Friendly Skills to a new generation.

We call EZWorm “fish candy”

If you can warm up a can of chowder you can make EZWorm.

Take a look at:


What you get:

1.The EzWorm Lure fishing mold that allowed you to form
as many worms as you like and on demand for many years to come.

2.The quick start instruction guide.

3.The Ezworm bio friendly fishing Lure cookbook and secretes to catching fish guide.

4. The complete how to make EzWorm lures and instructional DVD
45 min of great information, demonstration, entertainment and just plain fun.
This Video alone is worth the price.


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