First LongHunter Book

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First Long Hunter

Coming in Sept. 2016
The Story of Conrad Decker in the Early Kentucky
Frontier…. If you Love Authors Like  Louis L’amour you will
Enjoy this tales. Action, Adventure, A Western
Great Western Reading for the year.
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Here is a First Look….

Chapter 1


Two arrows flew with a sounding thud next to his head, one on each side, striking the log that Conrad Deckard was resting on. Instantly he grabbed his rifle. The rifle was a forty-five caliber flintlock, Pennsylvania style long rifle. It remained half-cocked and buried next to him under his blanket. From his right he could see the movement of two forms in the bushes.

The moon was only partially full; it had not reached its completeness in its lunar cycle. Yet there was enough light to clearly make out the two forms in the nearby clump of staghorn sumac.  He raised his rifle and fired on the object to the left. He thought that it would be more important to take that immediate threat, because it was larger.  The gun had made a loud and resounding blast. 

He knew instantly that the sound would carry over many miles like a beckoning call to Shawnee.  A sharp cry was heard from the bushes.  He needed to escape, but not before eliminating the second threat.  It was one of the loudest war cries and whoops that he had heard in his twenty-two years on this earth. 

The Shawnee charged him with his tomahawk raised. He caught the glint of a knife in his other hand.  His observation was within a fraction of a second as it was within that time that the savage was upon him.  As the blow came down to strike his head he raised his rifle to block.  He used the barrel of his gun to counter and parry the attackers arm.  He raised his knee to gain leverage and turn the attacker over.  He used the force of the attacker…..


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